The Mick was near-sighted!

1952 Topps, Mickey Mantle Card Image

Perhaps a picture really does say a thousand words, . . . and this little doodle likely cost this card’s original owner a thousand dollars or more in lost value.

But isn’t it a beauty? Look at all the character this creased and dinged little piece of cardboard possesses. And whoever the juvenile genius with the crayola was, I just love their intuitive palette: look at how fittingly the hue of those glasses works with the context of that powder blue background.

And last time I checked on this item it was easily approaching a $1,000.00 bidding price on Ebay–despite the handiwork of our possibly budding, future street graffiti artist. Well, doodle or no doodle, “filler” card or not, a Mickey Mantle rookie card will always be a Mickey Mantle rookie card.

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