What happens to a Mickey Mantle card when it goes through the washing machine?

1963, Mantle, Bombers, ed1

Well, if my deduction is correct, this is what happens.

I believe the Ebay seller mentioned something about that old bicycle spokes activity of now legendary horror. . . . But since this misfit has made its way into my possession and I can examine it more closely, I am no longer too sure. It appears to have been folded not once but twice–not merely into halves but quarters–as if to better fit in one of those tight, inner slots of some well-used Velcro wallet. Or, perhaps more likely, it was folded and creased as such to more easily slip into that miniature pocket sewn on the right hip of every pair of blue jeans. And observe how some of the surface has been scuffed and rubbed away near the top–just overhead of the unsuspecting, famed “bombers”–to give an almost pastel-like quality. That’s the aftermath of the laundry. . . . No, I definitely think that at least one of the culprits here was water–oh that pesky, ancient, and universal element that searches & destroys so many a beloved piece of cardboard.

And beloved it must have been, as evidenced by whatever wonderful act of salvage that mercifully granted this card a stay of execution from some wicker waste paper basket or said bicycle spokes.

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