“The Old Ball Game,” by Michael Chabon

I must have both baseball and Chabon on the brain lately. Here is a recent personal essay by Chabon, “The Old Ball Game.” It’s another utterly heartfelt piece–this one about baseball, fandom, little league, and fatherhood. The emotional language and narrative are of course strong throughout, but the conclusion is pitch perfect (pun half-intended). I dare you to read it and not feel a fishhook catch in your throat.

*Note: Let me know if the link ever goes dead, and I will include the text (as someone involved in Chabon’s publishing ventures seems rather fascist about obliterating all freely available digital traces of his writing once in royalty-earning book form).


One thought on ““The Old Ball Game,” by Michael Chabon

  1. You are dead-on about the removal of Chabon’s work. The essay has been removed from his website. It’s now included in his recently (May 2018) published book, Pop: Fatherhood in Pieces.
    I went on the hunt for “The Old Ball Game” when someone on Goodreads referred to it in their review of the book.

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