Roy Hobbs prop card from The Natural

Here’s a neat little bit of film (prop) history: apparently, several of these “Roy Hobbs” prop cards were printed for the filming of The Natural (1984). As always,  caveat emptor! If you’re thinking of purchasing one of the prop cards online, please know that many forgeries, fakes, and “replicas” are floating around without being properly named so. And if $15-$30 seems like a steal, then it probably is–of your money. From what I gather from a couple of sources who own certified copies of the authentic prop card, the original cards made for the movie were printed on a very light-weight card stock with only a front printed and a blank back. Each individual card measures approximately 2.5 x 3 inches in size.

Whether original or replica, here’s what the front of one looks like. . . .

Finally, I also had some fun with some cartoon effects, and I cropped then merged two Roby Hobbs cards into one rather attractive finished product. . . .

ROY_HOBBS prop + cartoon merged


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