Commentary Classics

(D-Backs commentators Berthiaume, left, and Brenly, right.)

Sometimes baseball commentary can be more fun than the actual game.

First I should admit (or qualify) that I mostly watch the Arizona “D-Backs” games for lack of any other broadcasts in my limited region (and cable package). And I don’t actively dislike the Diamondbacks. (Actually, they have a solid team with some really entertaining players.) Instead, I simply prefer to watch some of the older, largely East Coast team franchises. But the Diamondbacks will suffice for now.

Furthermore, FSA (Fox Sports Arizona) commentators Berthiaume & Brenly (or Bert and Brenlie, as I like to call them) often make it more than worth my while to watch. They’re not quite Abbot & Costello, Jerry & George, or whatever your favorite comedy duo. But they’re pretty good—pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Take tonight’s somewhat lackluster game of the Diamondbacks vs. the Rockies. Berthiaume, or was it Brenly (well, I still can’t match the voices to their faces yet), cracked that the D-Backs pitcher threw the ball too high for “Too Low”–referring to Troy Tulowitzki. What’s even better: his commentating counterpart always seems just a second too slow on the uptake and inevitably chimes in, “Oh, I see what you did.”

Another example: Later during the same game, Brenly (or was it Berthiaume?) looked at the incoming scores for the other ongoing matches tonight. He lamented the score for the Indians vs. Astros game with its (at the time) 18-6 run count. “DisAstros,” he sighed, and I could almost hear him shaking his head—if not for my uproarious, albeit slightly inebriated laughter.

Here are some handsome retro cards from when Brenly was manager for the Diamondbacks.

brenly, topps t205 2003

brenly, topps t206




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