The Shtick Players Say, Part One: Strasburg’s “Cheese” . . . or “Huddy’s” South’n Drawl

“Well, ya-know, we don’t gitta help ourselves too often. And, uh, ya-know, heesa—heesa young—young stud right-hander who throws sum’ cheese. And, um, ya-know, Auy—Auy’ve been known ta git that bat hit out, a little bit.” [Chuckles.] “Auy admit: Auy enjoy it.”

—Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson (“Huddy”), still glowing weeks after an unlikely two-base-hit game off Washington Nationals pitcher Steven Strasburg

Strasburg vs Hudson

In a way, almost all baseball cards are made from wood. However, only one of these two cards is made from un-pulped wood. Can you guess which one?

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