“Mayhem” with Muppets! “1972 Electric Mayhem”

No matter the multiple webs on these internets, what scattered breadcrumbs tangled therein–somehow I stumbled upon these brightly colored, ping pong ball eyeball-popping, and felt-inspired creations. There wasn’t even a choice: I simply had to share. . . .

TBCB Muppets, Dr. Teeth

TBCB Muppets, Floyd Pepper

TBCB Muppets, Zoot

TBCB Muppets, Janice

And then, of course, the crowd favorite. . . .

TBCB Muppets, Animal

Fantasy Muppet cards courtesy of Travis Peterson (a.k.a. PunkRockPaint), from The Baseball Card Blog. See the original fantasy Muppet cards post here.

Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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