1952 Topps #195 Minnie Miñoso

1952 Topps 195 Minnie Minoso

Ever since Minnie Miñoso passed away earlier this year, I’ve been reading more and more about his remarkable career.

Of course, that inevitably leads to a casual scroll through the internets and some (digital) cardboard gazing. And who says you can’t get plenty o’ laughs & learning for free by simply browsing MichaelEbay in the wee hours of night? Check out this one seller’s fantastic auction posting details:

Orestes Minnie Minoso. Chicago White Sox. 1952 Topps 195. Barely acceptable.

Sure it’s a bit dashed off. Still, it’s one of the most colorful, earnest auction descriptions that I’ve ever read for a poor baseball card. Honestly, I think this fellow over undersold the condition of this one—re. the humility and hilarity in designating it as “a mess” and, elsewhere in the posting, “Barely Acceptable.” I’ve seen poor old baseball cards in much worse shape than this.

1952 Topps 195 Minnie Minoso, card back


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