Hey, Freddie! Sacrifice fly = RBI!

Once the rainy weather finally permitted the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies to play on Wednesday night (8/14/13), the Braves were really on a run in the second inning. With little regard to the poor Phillies who got down in an early hole of 0-5, Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman dismally returned to the dugout after hitting a rather commendable sacrifice fly. Sure, it was a grand slam only barely missed, but Freeman seemed downright glum afterwards–even needing “consoling,” as the commentators indicated. Someone should remind Freddie that a sacrifice fly still earns the batter an RBI, as stated in the official rulebook of Major League Baseball on page 92, in rule 10.04:

The official scorer shall credit the batter with a run batted in for every run that scores

(1) unaided by an error and as part of a play begun by the batter’s safe hit (including the batter’s home run), sacrifice bunt, sacrifice fly, infield out or fielder’s choice. . . . [emphasis added]

(By the way: you, too, can download and have your very own copy of the official MLB rulebook.)

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen, Freddie Freeman

Image courtesy of COMC.com.

Commentary Classics, Part 4: “Wookie of the Year”

2013-07-23_Mr._Met_fist-bumps_Chewbacca, small

Baseball and Star Wars–oh, when worlds collide! On Tuesday evening (7-23-13), the Atlanta Braves TV commentary duo of Chip Caray and Joe Simpson simply couldn’t resist an all-too-easy wisecrack at the expense of the 3rd annual Star Wars night hosted by the New York Mets. All goofiness aside, at least it was for a good cause: a fundraising benefit for the Stand Up to Cancer program.

And the Mets won the game, 4-1.

(Animated GIF image courtesy of Amazin’ Avenue.)

The Shtick Players Say, Part One: Strasburg’s “Cheese” . . . or “Huddy’s” South’n Drawl

“Well, ya-know, we don’t gitta help ourselves too often. And, uh, ya-know, heesa—heesa young—young stud right-hander who throws sum’ cheese. And, um, ya-know, Auy—Auy’ve been known ta git that bat hit out, a little bit.” [Chuckles.] “Auy admit: Auy enjoy it.”

—Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson (“Huddy”), still glowing weeks after an unlikely two-base-hit game off Washington Nationals pitcher Steven Strasburg

Strasburg vs Hudson

In a way, almost all baseball cards are made from wood. However, only one of these two cards is made from un-pulped wood. Can you guess which one?