Space(ball) Oddities: Dodgers vs. Giants Opening Week Series, Game 3

Who are these clowns?

-Why is a former professional ballplayer-turned-commentator in the Dodgers broadcast booth humoring the Seth Rogan look-alike and non-player commentator counterpart with an awkward anecdote of practicing his batting swing in the reflection of the driver’s side window whilst once at a gas station pumping unleaded into his automobile?

-Why is Kemp bashing his batting helmet against the shelves in the dugout after a commendable RBI, albeit “fly out”—with a sore shoulder nonetheless?

-Why does it seem like agents are working overtime to devise serendipitous stage, er, stadium names for pitchers: i.e. Beckett & League?

-Why is there a face-painted clown Giants fan sitting only a few seats away from a face-painted clown Dodgers fan?


-Why does it seem almost standard issue (along with whatever team uniform) for nearly every single major league player to wear one of these douchey rope necklaces?