This is why I collect cards–not comics

I just read this contradictorily heart-breaking yet soul-cleansing story of one man’s comic book collection purge. . . . For me, this tale offers at least one reason to collect cards, not comics–i.e. if nothing else, cards occupy a lot less storage space, albeit depending on your collecting habits. (And as far as writing about and coping with the condition of ephemera-hoarding: taking advantage of the glorious catalog and generous image permissions by places like or helpful, fellow collectors on the Bay of E may also help to keep clutter to a minimum.) In any case, financial columnist J. D. Roth provides some useful glimpses into what sounds like an initially overwhelming task in selling off his collection of roughly 7,500 comic books. What’s just as intriguing to me, though, is his revelation that his earlier divorce appears to have been so amicable that he even entrusted his ex-wife with, oh, just “a few thousand additional comics” from his collection–well after they had separated. However, I’m left wondering if that gesture was more indicative of good faith or rather some clever, passive-aggressive revenge.