1953 Topps, Connie Ryan–à la Jackson Pollock

1953 Topps, Connie Ryan--Jackson Pollock, edA rather disappointing career, Cornelius Ryan never quite lived up to his full potential (or that more aristocratic birth name). However, here we see the striking image of a true stoic in the steadfast visage of Cornelius Ryan, Esq., or simply Connie to friends and acquainted cardboard enthusiasts. But despite the lackluster .248 batting average and 56 home runs, Ryan nevertheless remains immortalized. Thanks to some now anonymous devotee of the school of Jackson Pollock, the carmine ink blots and drips pay special homage to the long since expired dreams of both that inspired, aspiring artist and the subject of his poor baseball portrait.

*SABR entry for Connie Ryan.

Image courtesy of COMC.com.