The happy, tragic tale of Charlie (Victory) Faust

FAUST final font

The popular version of the Faust story, as recounted by Fred Snodgrass in The Glory of Their Times (1966), among other similarly feel-good retellings, left me with an overall warm, nostalgic feeling. Indeed, it’s one of the many engaging oral histories about baseball offered in Lawrence S. Ritter’s magnificent compilation. Taken at face value, the Cinderella baseball yarn that Snodgrass weaves doubtlessly remains a joy to read–for it’s a universal story about long-held aspirations and briefly attained dreams. It’s about the game’s early mascots and old superstitions. But it’s mostly about the not-so-secret life of baseball’s Walter Mitty. . . .

Sadly, though, the true story of Charlie Faust does not really end as suggested by the Snodgrass interview.

*1960 Leaf fantasy baseball card created par moi.