(Gasp!) Someone doodled on the Mick!

1967 Topps #150 MICKEY MANTLE

I suspect this was yet another poor Mickey Mantle card defaced by some sinister younger sibling. Then whilst bleary-eyed and weeping over the wreckage, the elder and unlucky baseball enthusiast apparently attempted to haphazardly repair the damage with a damn eraser tip.* The result seems to have left Mickey with something resembling a five o’ clock shadow, along with some scaly scar tissue. Personally, though, I think the restoration novice should have kept the remainder of the card untouched. I always felt Mickey looked rather dashing in glasses–a flare of bespectacled geek-chic.

*Experts now work absolute miracles on damaged cards! (I love the story about the almost literal “pirates chest” of old Ty Cobb tobacco cards glued to its lid. You also gotta dig the dude’s business name: Gone with the Stain.)